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Wall-mounted Heat Pumps

Wall Mounted Heat Pumps GREE HANDSOL SEER-27 Saint-Hubert


With an energy efficiency of up to 21 SEER, the HANDSOL series ensures minimum energy consumption.

Product features:

✔ G10 technology
✔ LED display
✔ Smart defrost
✔ Turbo Mode
✔ Low voltage start
✔ Low temperature start
✔ Compact design
✔ Clock
✔ Comfortable sleeping mode
✔ Wide spread shutters
✔ Traffic in any direction
✔ Multi-speed fan
✔ Self-diagnosis
✔ Drying operation
✔ Self-cleaning
✔ Silent design
✔ Removable panel for cleaning
✔ Air direction control
✔ Automatic operation
✔ Memory
✔ Heating 8°C
✔ Lock
✔ Standby 1W
✔ Timer
✔ Cooling -15°C
✔ "I Feel" function
✔ Prevents drafts

Wall Mounted Heat Pumps GOODMAN Saint-Hubert


The Goodman® brand offers the MS series, a line of ductless mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems for use where the installation of duct work is not practical. MS systems work like typical residential split air conditioning or heat pump systems, just without the installation of sheet metal duct work.

Here are some features of the wall-mounted heat pump:

✔ High-Efficiency Performance Up to 15 SEER
✔ Chlorine-Free R-410A Refrigerant
✔ Sleep Mode Setting (7 Hours Off-Cycle)
✔ Turbo Settings for Fast Heating or Cooling
✔ Bi-Directional Airflow for Optimal Air Distribution

Wall Mounted Heat Pumps GOODMAN South Shore Montreal


Franklin brand ductless heating and air conditioning products provide custom energy efficiency, performance and control for indoor heating and cooling. It's easy to keep everyone in your household comfortable without spending a fortune on energy bills.

Equipped with automatic reset functionality after a power outage.
Helps to increase the capacity of the air conditioner to quickly reach the desired temperature.
Units keep the indoor evaporator clean to prevent buildup.
Helps reduce capacitance to dampen noise level.
Your remote acts as a sensor for improved accuracy.
Suppresses sounds and display for non-intrusive use during indoor unit operation.
Preheats interior air in heating mode for increased comfort.
Capable of maintaining operation in the event of an error of one of the sensors.
Helps maintain a minimum heating level so your home does not become uncomfortably cold.
Retains the previous position of the air vent, so you get the same angle consistently.
The indoor unit is able to notify the owner if there is a leak in the system.
Displays temperature set point, modes and codes.
Extends compressor life by pre-starting the outdoor unit to prevent system overload with refrigerant.
Heating cables improve unit performance during heating modes.
This technology is flexible, versatile and offers high levels of efficiency and comfort.