Energy Star certified central heat pumps will significantly reduce the cost of you heating bills, and are guaranteed for 10 years!

Central Heat Pumps

Are you looking for a central heat pump store in Saint-Hubert that also serves Montreal and all of the cities in the South-Shore? Reach out to CLIMATISATION CHAUFFAGE ST-HUBERT.

Our company offers sale and installation services for central heat pumps by GREE, Goodman, Haier and York. These known manufacturers offer state-of-the-art heat pumps that are certified by Energy Star (highly energy efficient) and that are guaranteed for 10 years. These devices offer heating, air conditioning and dehumidification functions. Their operation is silent. They can be installed in residential or commercial areas.

Central Heat Pumps Montreal
Central Heat Pumps Montreal

You can come and select your central heat pump in-store, or a technician from our team can travel to you (at no cost) in order to assess the type of appliance that would meet your needs. The technician will analyse the area to be covered as well as the configuration of the rooms, and then will determine the ideal location to install your central heat pump as well as the duct work. It is possible to use an already existing duct network.

Our refrigeration technicians can also carry out the installation, maintenance and reparation of all makes and models of central heat pumps, whether or not they were bought at CLIMATISATION CHAUFFAGE ST-HUBERT.

Central Heat Pumps South Shore
Central Heat Pumps South Shore

Operation of a central heat pump

The central heat pump consists of two primary components: a compressor, which is installed near an exterior wall, and a condenser integrated into a forced air duct system. During the summer, the air conditioner of the central heat pump extracts the heat and humidity which is inside of the house and sends it outside. In the winter, the air conditioner can inverse its cooling cycle to produce heat. The compressor then absorbs all of the heat which is present in the air outside to transfer it inside. It may seem surreal that there is heat outside in the winter, but it is true!

The process is the following: in heating mode, the heat pump pushes a gaseous refrigerant to the outside. It absorbs the heat found in the outside air, and then returns it to the path inside. The vapour is then compressed, causing its temperature to rise. A fan then transfers this heat to the rooms of the house thanks to the forced air duct system. Using a heat pump helps save hundreds of dollars every year in electric heating costs.

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You can come and select your central heat pump in store in Saint-Hubert, or we can send a technician to your home (at no cost) for an assessment of your needs. We operate in all of the South-Shore and Montreal.

Contact the team at CLIMATISATION CHAUFFAGE ST-HUBERT now to find out more about our central heat pump installation, sales, reparation and maintenance services.